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Makanan untuk Pesakit Kanser

Sumber : Prof Dr Hamid Arshat

Makanan untuk pesakit2 Kanser
Dr Binzel – Pakar Nutritional Therapy

The diet that I use on my patients can be summarized as follows: "If it is animal or if it comes from animal, you can not have it. (As one patient said, "If it moves, I can't eat it.") If it is not animal or does not come from animal, you can have it, but you can not cook it." I take away from my patients all meat, all poultry, all fish, all eggs, cheese, cottage cheese and milk.

The reason for such a diet goes back to Chapter Two. Remember, I said that Dr. Krebs et al. had found that the cancer cell had a protein lining (or covering), and that if the body dissolves that protein lining, it would kill the cancer cell. The dissolving of that protein lining, they said, is done by the enzymes trypsin and chymotrypsin, which are secreted by the pancreas. It is important to understand that it takes large quantities of trypsin and chymotrypsin to digest animal protein.
Thus, the cancer patient who is eating animal protein may be using up all, or almost all, of his trypsin and chymotrypsin for digestive purposes. This leaves none of these enzymes available to the rest of the body.
The patient would be on this diet for a minimum of four months. In that period of time, I was attempting to free the trypsin and the chymotrypsin from being used up for digestive purposes and to put these enzymes back into the body in order to restore the body's first line of defense against cancer.
The reason for the fresh fruits and fresh vegetables is, again, because of enzymes. There are some enzymes in fresh fruits and vegetables which are tremendously important in good nutrition.

Any temperature over 130 degrees will destroy the enzymes in the fruits and vegetables. For this reason, the fruits and vegetables may not be cooked, canned or bottled. Frozen foods from the grocery store are also prohibited because most of these frozen foods have been processed in some manner. They have either been blanched, pasteurized or sterilized so that the enzymes have been destroyed. Those who do their own home freezing are permitted to do so as long as they do not blanch the foods before they are frozen.

This means a diet that is high in salads. Salad dressings are permitted as long as the salad dressings do not contain anything which the patient may not have. Salad dressings which contain egg or sugar are not permitted. I find that many of my patients soon begin to make their own salad dressings. This is fine as long as they start with a pure vegetable oil and use no refined sugar.

I do not attempt to severely limit the salt intake of my patients unless they have a medical problem which requires it. I tell them that salt may be used in moderation, but any salt that is used should be sea salt. The mineral content of sea salt is far superior to mineral content of the salt we normally use. Iodized sea salt is fine, if they need it. I encourage them to use a variety of other herbs and spices in order to vary the salad dressings so they are not eating the same thing over and over again.

The patients are not permitted anything which contains white flour or white sugar. Whole wheat flour can be used instead of white flour. In the place of sugar they can use either honey or molasses. Foods containing preservatives are kept to an absolute minimum.
The patients are encouraged to have as wide a variety of vegetables as possible. I realize that all vegetables are somewhat similar, but each vegetable, in its own way, supplies something nutrition-wise that no other vegetable has. My patients are encouraged to have, within any two-week period of time, at least some of every vegetable available at that season.

My patients are encouraged to have as wide a variety of fruits as possible, except for the citrus fruits. Oranges, lemons, grapefruit and tomatoes (Yes, tomatoes are a citrus fruit.) are not to be more than ten percent of their fruit intake. Other fruits such as apples, peaches, and pears contain far more nutrition than do the citrus fruits. My patients are also told that, except for the citrus fruits, they should eat the seeds of their fruits. Apple seeds, grape seeds, apricot kernels, peach kernels, etc. have a high nitriloside content.

With the combined fruits and vegetables, I like for my patients to have about sixty percent vegetables and about forty percent fruits. I do not require that they weigh and measure their fruits and vegetables, but ask only that they keep the vegetable intake a little higher than the fruit intake.
Protein in the diet is, of course, very necessary. However, rather than using animal protein, I use vegetable protein. Vegetable protein requires nothing in the way of the enzymes trypsin and chymotrypsin for digestion. The things that they use for their protein content can be cooked. You do not alter or harm a vegetable protein by cooking it.

The things I recommended for protein are as follows:

Whole Grains
It is important that the patients read the ingredients on the labels of everything they buy. Everything labeled "Whole Wheat Bread" is not necessarily whole grain. Many of these breads contain only a small amount of whole grain and contain a large amount of white flour, white sugar and preservatives.
Whole grain cereals are permissible as long as they do not contain sugar. Most of these do contain some preservatives, but the amount is usually quite small. I do allow my patients to use some low fat milk or skim milk on their cereal. Whole wheat macaroni, noodles, spaghetti, etc. are also readily available and are good sources of protein.

This is an excellent source of protein. My patients are permitted to have corn-on-the-cob (which may be cooked), pop corn and corn meal in any form. Corn meal mush, grits and cornbread are permitted. It is necessary, in order to make cornbread, to use some egg and some milk. This is not a problem because the amounts of the egg and milk are quite small.

This is high in protein. Buckwheat pancakes and pure maple syrup are excellent. Again, in order to make the buckwheat pancakes, you must use a little egg and milk. This is not a sufficient amount to cause a problem.

Butter in small amounts is permitted. Any butter that is used should be real butter rather than any margarine. Vegetable oil hardened into a solid is detrimental to good nutrition.

These are an excellent source of protein. This includes all nuts except the peanut. Roasted peanuts are not permitted because of an acid that is formed in the roasting. This is not true of any other nuts. Raw peanuts are permitted, but not roasted peanuts.

Dried Fruits
Dried fruits, such as dates, raisins, and figs, are excellent nutrition and provide protein.

Some vegetables, such as those in the bean family and in the brown rice family, cannot be eaten raw. Soup beans, lentils, split-pea, navy beans and kidney beans, are an excellent source of protein and should be an important part of this diet. Of course, they have to be cooked. Again, I repeat that anything used for its protein content may be cooked. Meals like bean soup and cornbread provide a complete protein, as would a meal of beans and brown rice.

Let me emphasize, again, the necessity of eating raw fruits and raw vegetables. Everything that can be eaten raw should be eaten raw. So many of the things we cook can be eaten raw. For example, broccoli, spinach, turnips, potatoes, and green beans can all be eaten raw.

No milk, other than that used on cereal and in cooking, is permitted. No caffeine is permitted. This means no coffee, no Sanka, no Decaf, etc. Natural coffee substitutes are permitted along with any of the herb teas.

I keep my patients on this type of program for at least four months. It is my opinion, in twenty years of work in this field, that it takes that long to get this defense mechanism to function normally. If, at the end of the first four months, the patient is not doing as well as I would like, I continue the strict diet for as long as necessary.
At the end of four months, if the patient is doing well, I then liberalize the diet. I will then allow the patient to add chicken, turkey and fish to his diet. Ninety percent of the diet at that time consists of the original strict diet plus the chicken, turkey and fish. The other ten percent of the diet may include red meats, cooked vegetables and dairy products. I caution my patients that, within any two-weeks period of time, the red meats, cooked vegetables and dairy products should never exceed more than ten percent of their total diet.

The patients are told that they also must stay on their vitamins, enzymes and Laetrile until the age of 130. They are instructed to call me on their 130th birthday (although I am not sure what my area code will be at that time), and we will discuss the possibility of reducing the dosage of some of these. This is simply my way of emphasizing to the patient the fact that you don't cure cancer. You can control it as long as the defense mechanisms continue to function normally. If a patient goes back to his old eating habits, he will soon be back in trouble again


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